Young Bystander Testifies in Derek Chauvin Trial


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Young Bystander Testifies in Derek Chauvin Trial

On Tuesday, the prosecution called to the stand a 9-year-old girl who witnessed the arrest of George Floyd. She testified that she saw Derek Chauvin put his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck.

“So you saw a knee being put on the neck of George Floyd. When was the knee taken — did you see that the knee was ever taken off of George Floyd’s neck?” “No.” “Were you there when an ambulance came?” “Yes.” “Tell us what happened after you saw the ambulance come.” “He asked, the ambulance had to push him off of him.” “And how did that happen? Did they simply come in an ambulance, and then go up to push him off or what happened?” “They asked him nicely to get off of him.” “And when they asked him nicely to get off of him, what did he do?” “He still stayed on him.” “And then what happened after he still stayed on him, what did the ambulance people do?” “They just had to pull him off, get off of him.” “Are you able to tell us, having been there on this day and seeing the officer on top of George Floyd, how did you feel about that? How did it affect you?” “I was sad and kind of mad.” “And can you tell us why were you sad and mad?” “Because it felt like he was stopping his breathing, and it was kind of, like, hurting him.”

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