White House Considers Executive Orders on Gun Control


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White House Considers Executive Orders on Gun Control

Jen Psaki, the press secretary, said that President Biden was considering executive actions to curb gun violence but that there was no substitute for congressional action.

Congressional legislation, as the vice president conveyed this morning, obviously has a more permanent, lasting impact. Executive actions are, of course, an important lever that every president has at their disposal. There’s current discussions and analysis internally of what steps can be taken — that has been ongoing for several weeks, even before these two recent tragedies that, you know, he looks forward to getting an update on and seeing what can be moved forward on that front as well. No one is talking about overturning or changing the Second Amendment. What our focus is on is putting in place common-sense measures that will make our communities safer, make families safer, make kids safer. The majority of the American public supports background checks. The majority of the American public does not believe that anyone needs to have an assault weapon.

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