‘We Will Do Better,’ Postmaster Tells House Lawmakers


We must acknowledge that during this peak season, we fell far short of meeting our service targets. Too many Americans were left waiting for weeks for important deliveries of mail and packages. This is unacceptable, and I apologize to those customers who felt the impact of our delays. All of us at the Postal Service, from our board to our leadership team to our union association leadership, to every employee, strive to do better in our service to the American people, and we will do better. To confront these urgent issues, our team has been working on a 10-year strategy that will reinforce the Postal Service’s obvious strengths, and address our obvious weaknesses. The key commitments of this plan will include; one, a commitment to six and seven-day week delivery service to every address in the nation, not just because it’s the law, but because it’s the key ingredient to our future success; two, a commitment to stabilizing and strengthening our workforce, especially for our associates who are not yet in a career position. We want every postal employee to have tools, training and supportive environment necessary to enjoy a long-term career with us; and three, a commitment to investing in our network infrastructure, including vehicles, technology and package sortation equipment.

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