Timeshare mogul Stephen Cloobeck sues ex over OnlyFans photos


A Las Vegas timeshare mogul is waging an all-out legal war against his Instagram model ex-girlfriend after their five-month relationship went south.

Diamond Resorts founder Stephen Cloobeck, 59, has filed two separate lawsuits accusing digital pinup girl Stefanie Gurzanski of scamming him out of more than $1 million in gifts and trips and misusing his palatial home, his private jet and even his suite at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as a backdrop for her saucy photos.

But Gurzanski, 26, says Cloobeck — who sold Diamond Resorts for $2.2 billion in 2016 — is an obsessed ex who’s made her fear for her life since she broke up with him in December.

Things got so bad that she got a restraining order against her multi-millionaire ex in January after he first brought her to court, said her lawyer, Arthur Barens.

“He wanted to control her,” Barens told The Post. “You mean calling a girl 15 times, a dozen times a day, sending her intimidating texts, intimidating her mother, intimidating her friends — that is mental abuse.”

Cloobeck’s latest legal salvo is a federal copyright infringement lawsuit centered on nine risqué images that Gurzanski posted to Twitter and OnlyFans, where subscribers pay to see her posing in the nude.

Cloobeck claims he’s the “sole and exclusive” owner of the photos showing Gurzanski in skimpy bikinis and a revealing pink dress, which he says she published without his permission.

He even registered copyrights for them on March 3 and 4 of this year — months after they were originally posted, according to his Tuesday Los Angeles federal court filings.

stefanie gurzanski
Stefanie Gurzanski attends the 2020 amfAR New York Gala on Feb. 5, 2020 in NYC.
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Cloobeck has also gone after Gurzanski’s racy pics in a separate lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, where he accused her of duping him into thinking she was a “legitimate” fashion model so she could use his home and other possessions as a setting for her salacious business.

“Her unauthorized use of these assets, and wide distribution of their representations over the internet, endangers a reputation Cloobeck spent a lifetime building as a successful businessman, philanthropist and donor to politicians, who like Cloobeck would frown on any association with pornography,” reads the March 8 complaint, an amended version of the suit he first filed in January.

Cloobeck alleges Gurzanski was so shameless that she once posed topless in a yarmulke from his son’s bar mitzvah and occasionally got naked while his teenage daughter was in the house, his lawsuit says. Barens said the yarmulke photo was Cloobeck’s idea, a claim Cloobeck’s lawyer denied.

Cloobeck’s state lawsuit accuses Gurzanski of fraud and trespassing and seeks to stop her from making money off photos that involve his assets.

Cloobeck is also seeking to be reimbursed for the more than $1.3 million worth of gifts and “experiences” he lavished on his ex — including more than 100 bikinis and pieces of lingerie that she “used as props in her … OnlyFans posts,” the suit claims.

But Gurzanski’s account of her brief relationship with Cloobeck paints a disturbing picture of a jilted lover out to destroy her.

The couple spent time together nearly every day from the time they met in late July until mid-December, when Gurzanski decided to spend the New Year’s holiday with her friends instead of with him, according to a court declaration she filed in January.

Cloobeck got angry and started harassing Gurzanski about her modeling before asking her to marry him on Christmas Day, she says. After she declined the proposal and broke up with him, Cloobeck allegedly began a relentless harassment campaign against her and her family in which he posted her private address and nude photos online.

He also barraged Gurzanski with phone calls and texts and sent her an email threatening to “kill her legally with expenses,” according to Barens, who says the multimillionaire knew full well what Gurzanski did for a living.

“This is a sick guy who needs help,” Barens told The Post of Cloobeck, who met Gurzanski after the end of his 22-year marriage. “I think this is probably the first pretty girl he ever went out with and he can’t get over it.”

Cloobeck’s lawyer, Robert Allen, called Barens’ statements “complete fabrications.”

“Not liking the facts, he and his client are making things up,” Allen said in a statement. “In addition, Mr. Cloobeck has been blessed with beautiful women in his life both inside and out.”

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