Seahawks taking Russell Wilson feud to strange new level with Richard Sherman ‘flirtation’


The Seahawks are flirting with the idea of bringing cornerback Richard Sherman back to Seattle – but they may have ulterior motives in doing so.

Last week, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported that the Seahawks may be entertaining the idea of signing the free agent, who anchored the secondary in their “Legion of Boom” years and helped lead them to a Super Bowl championship in 2013. The pairing would be an odd one considering the terms in which Sherman and the Seahawks parted ways.

In the final years of the Legion of Boom, there was a reported fracture between the offense and defense in Seattle. Many of the defensive veterans looked down on quarterback Russell Wilson, viewing him as a “company man” and a “Goody Two-Shoes,” according to Pro Football Talk.

Sherman was one of the main culprits, at one point telling Wilson “You f–king suck!” when intercepting him in a practice. The Seahawks let most of their defensive veterans (Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor) go in the years that followed, in large part due that fracturing relationship with Wilson.

Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman were teammates during the "Legion of Boom" years.
Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman were teammates during the “Legion of Boom” years.
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So why would they bring back Sherman? According to PFT, the chances are slim – but the reason for the “flirtation” is for the team to needle Wilson and remind him of the lengths they previously went to make him happy.

Wilson has publicly stated his frustration with the Seahawks, and listed four teams to which he would accept a trade. The Bears reportedly made a hefty offer, but it was shot down by Seattle coach Pete Carroll.

One would think they wouldn’t want to ruffle the already-frustrated Wilson’s feathers, but perhaps tough love is the strategy they have opted for instead.

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