Paige Spiranac goes after sports commentator Francis Leach


American Instagram influencer Paige Spiranac has turned a flamethrower on high profile Aussie sport commentator Francis Leach after he slammed a saucy newspaper ad on Thursday.

Spiranac has made a habit out of lighting-up anyone who dares question her integrity or her decisions to flash glamorous photos of herself on social media — and on Thursday it was Leach’s turn.

Spiranac took offence to a comment from Leach on Twitter in which he tore strips off a Melbourne-based newspaper for running a full-page ad, featuring Spiranac spruiking commercial bookmaker PointsBet.

The ad showed of Spiranac’s Instagram handle and her famous figure, featured in a clingy, low-cut red dress.

Leach appeared to suggest the “garbage” ad demeaned Spiranac and women in general.

“At a time when the objectification and abuse of women, reducing them to being little more than playthings for men is being exposed for what it is, how can @theage run garbage like this for revenue,” Leach asked online to his 53,000 Twitter followers.

“It’ll editorialise in the front, cash in at the back. Hypocrisy.”

The woman herself was having none of it.

Spiranac fired off several heated replies to the former SEN radio star and ABC Offsiders co-host.

Leach had not responded to Spiranac’s original tweet, two hours after she responded.

“F** off,” Spiranac wrote in a tweet that copied in Leach’s own tweet.

She followed it up, by posting: “Tag me next time you coward. My name is right there”.

Spiranac also replied to several comments from other Twitter users who became involved in the conversation.

When accused by a troll of letting herself be “dangled for male attention” while she flashes her body, she responded: “I’m sorry I was born with tits. I’m not going to hide them because your pea brain can’t comprehend the fact a woman can be smart, strong, and sexy.”

Spiranac earlier this year blasted men for saying her “boobs are too big” and hit out at body shamers online.

The ex-LPGA tour pro turned social media sensation wrote: “It’s crazy I can be told I look too fat, too skinny, too plastic, too old, wearing too much makeup, not enough makeup, boobs too big, butt not big enough, too pale, hair too blonde, not blonde enough all in one day.

“Guys it’s not a Build-A-Bear workshop over here. Calm it down.”

Spiranac’s wardrobe has always been a hot topic.

The “Playing A Round” podcast host, 27, posted a video of herself on the golf course in January sharing her new years wishes for 2021 on Instagram.

“I know I’m a few days late but happy new year! Here’s to health, happiness, lower scores, and my same old low cut tops,” Spiranac posted.

Spiranac has built an army of online supporters with her revealing golf tutorials.

She has almost 3 million Instagram followers and it is no surprise with an array of sultry uploads leaving little to the imagination.

Leach is a popular freelance sport commentator in digital news and broadcast media and remains one of the highest-profile commentators in Australian football. has contacted PointsBet for comment.

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