NYS Dem leader Jay Jacobs urges colleagues to not go soft on crime


The chairman of the New York State Democratic Party warned fellow Democratic lawmakers not to go overboard in passing new state “social justice” laws that voters perceive as being soft on crime.

“We want to make sure there is a balance between social justice and keeping our streets safe,” Jay Jacobs told The Post in an interview.

Jacobs, who doubles as the longtime chairman of the Nassau County Democratic Party, where many suburban voters are pro-police and care more about protecting law-abiding citizens than cutting prisoners a break, is sensitive to those concerns.

Jacobs last year demanded changes to the bail reform law, which bars judges from imposing cash bail on many criminals. He said the law had become a political liability for Democrats running in competitive districts.

In 2020, Jay Jacobs was among the group calling for bail reform.
In 2020, Jay Jacobs was among the group calling for bail reform.
Brigitte Stelzer

The law was subsequently tweaked to give judges more discretion to impose cash bail and detain more defendants accused of certain crimes.

Jacobs said he’s looking at current criminal justice proposals under consideration.

For example, he supports legislation to give early parole consideration to older convicts over age 55 who’ve served at least 15 years in prison — but letting convicted killers loose is a bridge too far.

Jacobs added that letting convicted killers out of prison would be a bridge too far for him.
Jacobs added that letting convicted killers out of prison would too much for him.
Christopher Sadowski

“The victim isn’t coming back,” Jacobs said.

“We’re getting into a very difficult area when you talk about early parole for murderers.”

Republican state senators on Long Island Friday held a press conference with crime victims advocates and railed against Democratic bills that would establish new criminal penalties for cops who use excessive force, provide early parole release of criminals “including those convicted of murder” and expunging certain criminal convictions so it’s easer for ex-cons to get a job.

Jacobs also chairs the Nassau County Democratic Party.
Jacobs also chairs the Nassau County Democratic Party.
Brigitte Stelzer

“We have clearly seen the devastating effects of bail reform on our public safety. When is enough finally enough?” said Sen. Phil Boyle (R-Bay Shore), dean of Long Island’s GOP delegation.

“Albany’s radical Far-Left Democrats care more about the well-being of violent criminals than innocent New Yorkers, who are, every day, facing the harsh realities of our already-weakened criminal justice laws.”

He was joined by Republican Sens. Alexis Weik, Anthony Palumbo and Mario Mattera.

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