NYPD rescues ducklings who wander into Midtown traffic



She’s one lucky duck this Mother’s Day.

A family of ducklings were spared from Big Apple traffic on Sunday — thanks to a “quack” response from the NYPD.

New York’s Finest were called to the scene in Lenox Hill to corral a dozen of the youngins in a box shortly before 11 a.m. — while letting their mama follow her babies’ peeps back to their home in Central Park.

“It’s unusual,” said David Barrett, founder of Manhattan Bird Alert, who shot Twitter video of the heart-warming rescue after calling cops to step in.

He explained, “They generally want to stay in water. They are not keen on wandering outside of good habitats. But, you know, ducks do crazy things sometimes. And that’s what happened.”

Police caught up to the daring ducks on East 69th Street after they crossed Lexington Avenue — more than three busy avenues from the park.

Barrett said Manhattan traffic wasn’t the only danger the ducklings faced on their wayward waddle through Manhattan — they could’ve also been attacked by dogs on the sidewalk.

He said police initially sought to put the mother duck inside their squad car to drive the whole clan back to the park — but that she was less than cooperative.

That’s when they came up with the idea of letting her follow her ducklings instead.

“The solution they came up with — which I think was a brilliant one — was not to wait for the mother to fly into the police car, which it just didn’t seem to want to do,” Barrett said. “But to take the carrier outside of the car and carry it into Central Park and let the mother follow along. That worked out very well.”

The ducklings getting released back into Central Park.
The ducklings getting released back into Central Park.

It’s not clear how long the family of ducks had been wandering outside of the park.

But it’s not the first time it’s happened — last year, a fluffy flock wandered outside of Morningside Park on the West Side.

The NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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