[Final Round] PGA Championship 2021 Live free Stream Reddit: How to Watch PGA European Tour online and Golf TV tonight


History may well be made Sunday on the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island as Phil Mickelson looks to become the oldest major champion in history. That’s the main storyline entering the final round of the 2021 PGA Championship, but Mickelson’s journey back to the top is one of only a number of interesting takes entering the final 18 holes at one of the most picturesque courses in the nation.

Watch the PGA Championship live

Event Name:

PGA Championship 2021 Final Day

Date Time:

May 23 (7 a.m.-1 p.m)


South Carolina

TV Stream


ESPN and CBS will split both TV coverage and streaming options for the 2021 PGA Championship. The former will broadcast the first and second rounds before carrying morning coverage of weekend play. CBS will take over broadcasts of the tournament from 1-7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Viewers in Canada can catch every round of the 2021 PGA Championship on TSN and RDS.

How to watch PGA Championship 2021 Live Stream for Free?

Watching masters is not available everywhere in the USA. There are two ways to view the Masters for free.


It is a nonprofit service, and it is free! Locast allows you to stream broadcast networks in 16 US cities. Visit their website to see the list of the cities.

  • Sling TV:

One of the most popular destinations for the tv-viewing audience from around the world, Sling TV offers a plethora of 30+ high-definition channels, starting from the basic subscription package of just 25 USD monthly. You can even check other subscription packages to your liking. Since Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial period, you can subscribe to the Canada vs USA World Championship package and view the quarterfinals to the gold-medal matches absolutely free of cost!

  • PS Vue:

PlayStation Vue or PS Vue offers more than 45 HD channels at just 49.99 USD monthly. The entire package is quite cheap considering the number of channels that are on offer. The features of this TV-streaming service are quite enticing and it is quickly becoming the most preferred way to watch sports and entertainment live for a massive fraction of the world population. The 5-day free trial period is also a nice bet for most of the fans.

  • fuboTV:

The standard package of 59.99 USD offers more than 100 streaming channels and an option to watch simultaneous live streams across two devices. There is also 30-hours of cloud-based DVR. If you are subscribing to the family pack, you need to pay 64.99 USD but it will allow you 109 HD channels in the vivid display and 3 simultaneous streaming options.

  • Hulu with Live TV:

Hulu with Live TV is one of the fastest-growing TV network services across the world for its wide range of channels at very reasonable pricing. You can subscribe to the 35 USD pack and get unlimited access to several channels. The VOD functionality, hi-speed internet connectivity, etc will enable you to catch your favorite hockey action in great detail.

  • Youtube TV:

The trusted way for most of the world population to watch entertainment, sports and other stuff live, Youtube TV offers a basic monthly package of 45 USD and a massive selection of the best channels at that price. The unlimited sports display in high-definition will make you a fan of this global tv-streaming service.

How to watch Canada vs USA World IIHF Championships live online using social media?

If you are really intent on watching the entire Canada vs USA World Championship live without paying any extra costs, you can tune in to various popular social media platforms and direct yourself to the valid links to access the non-stop action from ice-hockey rinks. Facebook, Twitter and Reddit grab the most notable mentions amongst social media that can help you catch the live action from the Canada vs USA World Championship.

  • Facebook:

Facebook is one of the world’s biggest social media platforms with more than 2 billion accounts and millions of users logging in each moment. If you are searching the live streaming links and channels of the 2021 Canada vs USA World Championship, you will definitely get the links to private and public groups, communities, etc. that exhibit the entire championship or select games live. You might be able to catch deferred telecasts and replays as well.

  • Twitter:

Twitter is one of the world’s fastest growing social media and is also widely preferred for its bite-sized content. You can simply log on to Twitter using your valid account credentials and search for the valid hashtags that link you to the coveted Canada vs USA World IIHF Championship matches. The hashtags are your best way to catch your favorite games and even the entire tournament without paying any extra charges!

  • Reddit:

One of the world’s largest news aggregation and social platforms, Reddit satisfies the urge of millions of users worldwide to catch sports, entertainment and other media free of cost. You simply need to register and log in with your credentials. Once you are within the platform, hunt for the requisite subreddits that link you to the 2021 Canada vs USA World Championship effortlessly. Find the relevant links and stream the matches in great detail. Just be careful since some of the links could be flagged by the official broadcasters.

Brazilian F1 fans can also subscribe to F1 TV Pro and stream every track session of the 2021 F1 season for the crazy-low price of R$143 (US$27) a year. You even get the option to select commentary from Sky’s Martin Brundle and David Croft.

F1 TV Pro is available in 188 countries, but not the UK. If you’re visiting the UK from abroad and want to watch the Monaco Grand Prix using an F1 TV Pro account, you’ll need to use a VPN to access F1 TV Pro without being blocked. We recommend ExpressVPN as it comes with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.


If you’re up to PlayStation Digital Goods, subscribing to PlayStation Vue might be the most sensible choice for you. It costs $39.99 a month to give you access to the channels that broadcast Khabib vs. Gaethje.

PGA Championship Live Stream Online Using VPN

Using your VPN is a great option for watching the fight live. You have the ability to watch the Live stream of the fight even if you’re not in the U.S. Just connect to a country that does have the live stream. The VPN enables you to change your IP address, so you show as being somewhere else.


Rated one of the best VPNs around. Extremely fast, very secure, easy to use, the ability to set up instantly, and more. There are no restrictions on what you stream, from any server, anywhere on Earth.

Over the Air Antennas

It is not free. You have to spend some amount of money to buy the antenna. If you already have the antenna, watching PGA Championship Tournament will be free. Just buy the antenna and connect to your TV and get the CBS network reception signal.

Can I watch 2021 PGA Championship Live Stream on Amazon Fire TV?

Yes, you can watch the 2021 PGA Championship Golf on Fire TV. For that, you will need to have an account on third party streaming sites, for instance, Hulu or fuboTV. You just need to install Hulu or fubo app on fire TV.

Can I watch the 2021 PGA Championship Live Online on Apple TV?

Apple TV users might get worried if they can watch PGA Championship Golf on their favorite TV. Installing a third party TV streaming app on your Apple TV will let you watch the tournament. Any TV streaming service will work. If you don’t have any third-party subscription, you can follow the guidelines we have mentioned earlier.

Can I watch PGA Championship Tournament 2021 Live Streaming on Roku?

Roku is a streaming player for TV. You will need to have a third party TV streaming account like Hulu, YouTube TV, etc. to watch Masters on Roku. Roku has a good deal with the Sling. Sling subscribers could get the Roku with any sling plan. But, the Sling is having a problem with CBS, and they will not be able not to broadcast CBS. As a result, you cannot get a deal. But viewers can try any other streaming services.

How to watch PGA Championship 2021 Golf Live Stream on a SmartPhone?

All TV streaming services have apps for Androids and iPhones. CBS also has apps. Install the latest app on your smartphone and log in to your desired service to watch the Masters 2021.

Watch the 2021 PGA Championship Live on International Televisions

PGA Championship Tournament has a tremendous amount of viewers worldwide. Following are the guideline to watch 2021 PGA Championship Golf live in a different location.

How to watch PGA Championship Golf 2021 Live Streaming in the USA?

Since 1986 BBC has been broadcasting the PGA Championship in the UK as well as live radio commentary, from 2011 PGA Championship, Sky Sports started broadcasting along with BBC. This year BBC lost the right to live to stream the tournament, they can only show the delayed highlights.

This year there will not be any free live streaming of Masters 2021 in the UK. All the viewers have to subscribe to Sky Sports to watch 2021 Masters live streaming in the UK.

2021 PGA Championship Live Streaming options in Ireland

Eir Sport is the leading broadcasting partner along with RTE. Eir Sports broadcast four rounds while RTE telecast on the weekends only. Besides those channels, Sky Sports may show all the actions as they had broadcasted in 2019.

Eir will start the coverage at 8 PM on Thursday, while Sky Sports may start the broadcast at 2 PM, which will show the whole day. There is a chance that BBC two will also stream the Masters on Saturday and Sunday, but they may start at 7:30 PM.

Watch 2021 PGA Championship Golf Live Online in Canada

Bell Media owns the broadcasting rights in Canada. PGA Championship coverage is divided between TSN and CTV. TSN telecast on cable TV. There is French-language coverage too in Canada, which is carried by RDS.

Both TSN and CTV will broadcast the weekend rounds. TSN will show the opening rounds on Wednesday at 3 PM ET, and they will end the broadcast after the final on Sunday. For the bonus coverage, you have to subscribe to TSN GO.

How to Watch PGA Championship Tournament 2021 Golf in Australia for Free?

Nine Network’s Gem channel broadcasted 2019 PGA Championship. They may have the broadcasting rights this year too. Gem will start the telecast from 4:30 am in Australia, which is available for free.

Besides Gem, Kayo Sports is another option. With Kayo you can watch Masters live on any devices without cable, but this option is not free. Kayo Sports starts from 25 AUS.

Watch 2021 PGA Championship Golf Live Stream Online in other Countries

South Africa

SuperSport will cover PGA Championship live stream in South Africa. SuperSport is the only exclusive channel in SA to telecast all the golf events.

SuperSports will be available through DStv. You can choose from six different DStv packages. Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access, and EasyView are the available packages. Head to their website and compare all the plans. After that, get your suitable one.


ESPN International networks provide live streaming services for masters Tournament in Mexico. ESPN Latin North is the name of the channel operated in Mexico. All the information regarding streaming the PGA Championship 2021 in Mexico is available on the Latin website of ESPN.


TVMatchen is the ultimate option to watch the PGA Championship 2021 live in Sweden. It is one of the famous Swedish sports channels. Anyone can watch TVMatchen through desktop and mobile apps.


ESPN operates in Japan under the name of J Sports, which will telecast the 2021 Masters Tournament Live in Japan. J sports has four channels from 1-4. Make sure you check their website before the event.

Rest of the World

2021 PGA Championship live stream is available in other countries through ESPN International networks. 53 Countries are listed for ESPN telecasts. The list is available on the International ESPN website.

Will the 2021 PGA Championship be broadcast in 4k?

PGA Championship has started broadcasting in 4k since 2018. Direct TV telecasted the Masters in 4k HD in 2018 as well as in 2019. Masters 2021 will also be transmitted in 4k. They will use Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) for 4K streaming.

Channel 105 and 106 will show the 4K telecast, though all the holes will not be available in 4K. Holes 11, 12, 13, 15, and 16 can be watched in HD 4K, which will start on Thursday at 10 AM ET. 4K broadcast will end on Sunday.

Viewers have to keep in mind that you must need 4K supported TV to watch the Masters 2021 live stream in 4K.

How to watch PGA Championship Live Stream from anywhere in the World Using VPN?

If you want to watch PGA Championship 2021 outside of your home country, you will find your TV streaming site is geo-blocked. To access TV streaming service from a geo-blocked location, you will need a VPN. Virtual Private Network AKA VPN allows accessing any website from anywhere from the World.


The fight can be viewed as live streaming from Facebook. If the Facebook committee has approved, it. There may be someone who wants to share the fight live on Facebook.


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Instagram is a photo-sharing app. It is very strict in its approach and does not allow links to be posted. Even if you post links they won’t be clickable which means you have to manually copy and paste them into the browser.


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2021 PGA Championship TV schedule, coverage, channel, live stream, watch online, golf tee times

Round 4 — Sunday, May 23

Round 4 start time: 8 a.m.

PGA Championship live stream: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on ESPN+

  • Featured Groups — 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Holes 16-18 — Noon to 7 p.m.

Early TV coverage: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on ESPN, ESPN+
Prime TV coverage: 1-7 p.m. on CBS
TV simulcast live stream: 2-7 p.m. on

Final Word

Fans are speculating on more than just the winner as the day of the war comes to a close. First of all, the place is still undecided, but this is not a major factor. There is a slim chance that Khabib will not be able to make it a war with travel restrictions in place and would have to be postponed to a later event. It all depends on whether he’s going to make it to the US in time for classes.

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