Ex-MLBer JP Arencibia threatens comedian for trolling Tomi Lahren

JP Arencibia didn’t appreciate a comedian messing with girlfriend Tomi Lahren.

The former MLB catcher threatened comedian Jason Selvig after he trolled Lahren, a Fox Nation host, over Donald Trump losing the election.

Lahren quickly walked off after Selvig, who is a part of The Good Liars comedy group, asked her outside of last week’s CPAC convention in Orlando how she felt about the result.

Arencibia, who was a catcher for six seasons with the Blue Jays, Rangers and Rays, took offense and apparently confronted Selvig before following up on social media.

JP Arencibia on Sept. 4, 2015
JP Arencibia on Sept. 4, 2015
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“Guess it’s not cool to post the rest of the video when I confronted him shortly after and he [poop emoji] down his leg,” Arencibia wrote on Twitter. “Unfortunately the world we live in no one wants to be exposed. But he knows what happened.”

In a direct message that Selvig posted a screengrab of, Arencibia writes, “we will meet again sweet heart.”

Arencibia, now a Marlins analyst for Fox Sports Florida, ultimately apologized.

“Emotions got the best of me defending someone I care about. I apologize for sending the message, I will be better and focus on spreading more positivity,” the 35-year-old said.

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