Dave Gettleman wants immediate impact from Giants’ first-round pick


The Giants have the No. 11 overall pick in next week’s 2021 NFL Draft and they need to get a player who must make an immediate impact, like right now, in the 2021 season, as a rookie.

So says Dave Gettleman, the Giants’ general manager.

“Yes,” Gettleman said Thursday. “The Cliff Note answer is yes.”

Does this give us any insight as to who Gettleman will take? Well, the two Alabama wide receivers, DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle, should be NFL-ready players. Cornerback Patrick Surtain III, another Alabama product, should be as well. Are any of the edge rushers considered plug-and-play players as a rookie? Probably not. Offensive lineman Rashawn Slater from Northwestern is expected to be an immediate Day 1 starter. Linebacker Micah Parsons will get on the field early in the NFL.

“It’s really hard to take a guy that at 11 that you’re betting on the potential,” Gettleman said.

Jaylen Waddle; Patrick Surtain
Jaylen Waddle; Patrick Surtain
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As a Boston native and a fan of the Celtics, Gettleman pointed to Robert Williams, a first-round draft pick (No. 27 overall) of the Celtics in 2018. Williams averaged 8.8 and 13.4 minutes in his first two seasons, respectively, and in his third season is beginning to show glimpses of the potential the Celtics saw in him three years ago.

There is not that time to wait for the Giants.

“In the NFL, I’ve got to be really cognizant of the coaches,” Gettleman said. “They’re under the pressure to win all the time, every Sunday is a referendum on their skills as coaches. You got to be really careful when you start taking guys that high that have that you love the physical skills, the potential but how long is it gonna take to show on the field. That’s kinda like the balance I have to get to.”

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